Let the baying of hounds and the sight of a ghostly, sure- footed hare bring back the memories of an old fashioned snowshoe hare hunt. If you like fresh winter air, and the thrill of a chase, snowshoe hare hunting is for you.
  Located in the Adirondack Mountains along the Canadian border, snowshoe hare hunting is a favorite northern past time for all ages. Hare are hunted from Oct. 1 through mid March during which chances to add a few rabbits to the game bag are plenty. Our hunting area consists of balsam swamps and overgrown clear-cuts; prime habitat for hare. We will hunt the vast amount of state forest in our area along with some select private lands. You can be assured of a good days outing with Hare and Hounds Adventures!              
     "Getting ready"
"Champ" on a fresh track
NYS Guide License # 6369